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Discussion in 'Templates&Themes' started by syzygy1, Feb 11, 2017.

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  1. syzygy1

    syzygy1 Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this forum and already a fan of the concept of the forum. It's good to see that people are working as team in order to make some money online. I found that many have bought/expressed interest in the BIMBER theme. I already use the theme and its one of the best.
    But this theme is incomplete without the WP QUADS PRO plugin. The theme already comes with the free version of WP QUADS, if you have used it you must know it by far that it is one of the best adsense plugin. The pro version is even better. There you can set different ad codes for same position for different browser sizes.

    For eg; If you have an 728x90 ad below the title. This ad can only be viewed in Desktop. If you user visit the page from mobile they wont be able to see the ad clearly and you will gain pageviews but no clicks.

    But WP QUADS PRO saves the situation by showing a responsive or 320x90 ad below the title to mobile visitors.

    official site: https://wpquads.com/

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  2. WPking

    WPking Member

    Hi there!
    nice to meet you in club!
    nice plug but anyone know how works limitation for sites?
    cuz "Unlimited Sites" hell expensive. Maybe it's just a limitation for law considerations, and no
    differences in technical terms.
    I'm in but need good price.
  3. syzygy1

    syzygy1 Member

    When they mentioned unlimited I think it will be really any number of sites. Cause these licenses are for web devs who can buy once and use it forever. Still I have contacted them and let's see what they reply..
    if we get about 20 people at least then we can buy the plugin. $10-$11 for this plugin is justified (I think) :). fingers crossed :)
  4. beowulf

    beowulf New Member

    I don`t think that they answer will be "Yea you can ez use it for unlimited sites.". But if with Templates it's work well why it does not work with plugin?
  5. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Ok guys
    i contact man who can nulled it. So i will change price to 1 site and add aditional amount for null.
    Join if you interesting

    change the price. it's price for 1 site +little bonus for null
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  6. Tmob

    Tmob New Member

    gj, wait this moment ))
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  7. WealthySlacker

    WealthySlacker New Member

    Count me in for a cheap pro version :)
  8. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Yep, we will change size of this button soon
  9. WealthySlacker

    WealthySlacker New Member

    saw button now thanks :)

    ready to drop $5 just tell me when
  10. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    we start at Feb 22, 2017. waiting for people who think that price will be high
  11. Max

    Max Guest

    Hi guys!
    How to download this plug?
  12. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    u need to join GB list at top for start
  13. Superrr

    Superrr New Member

  14. Yahoo

    Yahoo Well-Known Member Organizer

    Hi guys! great plug but have someone problems with language pack too?
    it's not nice use this plug with google translate xDDD
  15. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    check "Delivery details" it contain fixed edition.
    you need to re-install "quick-adsense-reloaded"
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  16. Tomwol

    Tomwol New Member

    I like this Group ! The concept is great and the response is fast and respectful! Really happy to have found you !
  17. Kristeena

    Kristeena Member

    Advanced Ads Pro Bundle could be a better option because of the several customizations possibilities it has. But WP QUADS Pro is the easiest to manage.
  18. ghost

    ghost Member

    hi , i have join and make the payment but no download link receaved
    how to get download link
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  19. Magneto Abe

    Magneto Abe New Member

    Hi I register on this forum only for this plugin :)
  20. Kristeena

    Kristeena Member

    Great plugin..working fine.

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