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    Advanced Ads Pro Bundle


    The Pro Bundle contains all our commercial add-ons, including Advanced Ads Pro.

    All future add-ons created by the Advanced Ads team are included too!

    Currently, the Pro Bundle includes:

    • Advanced Ads Pro
      Advanced Ads Pro helps professional and large websites to optimize their ad setup with highly advanced features.

      • Cache-busting (allows dynamic features for websites with cache, 2 different methods offered)
      • Upload and use Flash files with fallback for devices that don’t support flash
      • Test placements against each other
      • Limit ad to display only once per page
      • Refresh ad without reloading the page
      • Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
      • Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
      • List current delivered ads in the admin bar in the frontend
      • Select ad-related user role for individual users (ad admin, ad manager and ad user)
      • Support and updates for 1 year, unlimited usage afterwards
      More Placements
      • Pick any position for the ad in your frontend
      • Inject ad between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
      • Inject ads based on images, tables, containers, list elements and any headline level in the content
      • Ads on random positions in posts (fighting ad blindness)
      • Ads above the main post headline
      • Ads in the middle of a post
      • Use an HTML tag to place ads everywhere where HTML is possible (e.g., theme options)
      • Set a mimimum content length before content injections are happening
      • Rotate or test placements
      • Prevent all automatic ad injections on a specific page
      • Dedicated placements for bbPress and BuddyPress
      • Show ads from another blog in a multisite
      • Background Ads placement
      Advanced Display and Visitor Conditions:
      • Display ads based on the previous visited url (referrer)
      • Display ads based on the user agent (browser or device)
      • Display ads based on url parameters (e.g., affiliate links)
      • Display ads based on user capability
      • Display ads based on the browser language
      • Display ads based on number of previous page impressions
      • Display ads based on number of ad impressions per period and user (frequency capping)
      • Display ads to new or recurring visitors only
      • Display ads based on a set cookie, i.e. if he is subscribed to the newsletter
      • Display ads based on a page template
      • Display ads based on the day of the week
    • Ad Tracking
    • Geo Targeting
    • PopUp and Layer Ads
    • Responsive Ads
    • Selling Ads
    • Slider
    • Sticky Ads

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  2. LazyCat

    LazyCat New Member

    very nice pack inv your fiends for low price and buy it fast
  3. azona

    azona Active Member

    Still waiting for a cheap.... hope will more people here
  4. Kristeena

    Kristeena Member

    Does this bundle come with a license key?
  5. LazyCat

    LazyCat New Member

    I think admin get answer when we will be ready to buy this. For now price is too hight for me
  6. MUZIK

    MUZIK Member

    I think I can hold on on this.
  7. Zhoel Bzone

    Zhoel Bzone New Member

    When on going ?
  8. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    I move you and Kristeena to main list, but the price still high.
    I will try to advert this GB so mb some new people join.
  9. Zhoel Bzone

    Zhoel Bzone New Member

    I thinks so enough to purchasing
  10. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    ok guys, we will start in few days if price ok for you
  11. skyimai

    skyimai New Member

    paid just now. how to download ?
  12. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    Check PM or Delivery details on top
  13. azona

    azona Active Member

    Hope the price will be low, just wait for my pay pay to get this soon, thank you Admin Surfer
  14. crewockeez

    crewockeez Member

    i can buy ?
  15. crewockeez

    crewockeez Member

    admin there and support ?
  16. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

  17. crewockeez

    crewockeez Member

    admin don't online and don't support
  18. adil imad raji

    adil imad raji New Member

    Just paid it.
  19. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

  20. Amy

    Amy New Member

    does i get credit discount, do i need to transfer 5.1$ to ?
    i am willing to pay via paypal .. please guide me ...
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