[WordPress] WP Residence - Real Estate WordPress Theme [54$]

Discussion in 'Templates&Themes' started by Mega, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. Mega

    Mega New Member

  2. vifobix

    vifobix Member

    Very impressed, I am a former web developer but now working in the estate agent business for over 8 years and I have to say this ticks the majority of boxes. Which is very rare for an estate agent WordPress theme so well done!
  3. shiwlad

    shiwlad New Member

    Technically perfect. This one is full of features, no exaggeration in saying that it is a wonderful theme. Very Well done. It is a complete package for Real Estate business owners. Definitely a beautiful theme.
  4. queenpain

    queenpain New Member

    Looks good, great industry space. Great design and VC integration a big plus! The Theme is Really Awesome! I like the back end especially.
  5. imbasunny

    imbasunny New Member

    Thanks for amazing theme! Great job! My customer brougt this theme and all is working fine! I am amazed with the quality!
  6. aatacks

    aatacks New Member

    Beautiful work on this theme! Thank you for taking the time to make it. I already own WP Estate Thinking of using this on a new project.
  7. mixail

    mixail Guest

    It`s rather interesting to read all about this stuff. I only begin to use it, so all information will be usefull, espesially for the beginner as me from the others, who has a good experience. Anyway I see it`s easy to use even for me. By the way, I like the design.
  8. anechka

    anechka New Member

    I have to congratulate first for this great template.

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