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YouTube Advertising MasterClass

YouTube Advertising MasterClass


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Unfortunately, for most advertisers, this is all too common.
For most entreprenuers that are trying to grow their business, losing days, weeks, or even MONTHS to a Facebook account ban just isn't going to cut it.
Since 2012, Facebook was considered the “gold standard” in advertising.
Every year, millions of accounts spend billions of dollars in ads to drive new customers and more revenue into their stores.

However, as time went on... the popularity of the platform grew, so did the competition. As more people began to compete for the same eyeballs, rates of return began to plummet. In addition, a myriad of lawsuits forced Facebook to change many of its policies, hurting results even further.

Cheaper Ad Costs On YouTube
One of the greatest differences between YouTube Ads and Facebook is how they both charge for ads.

On Facebook, you are charged every time someone views your ad, regardless of what the end-user is doing. There are no exceptions to this. This means in order to maximize the ROI on your ad budget, you need to constantly test for the hottest audiences possible.

However, with YouTube, the story is different. On their platform, you don’t pay until someone watches 30 seconds of your ad. That means from 5 seconds (when you can skip), up until 29 seconds in if someone skips your ad, you don’t pay a dime!

As a result, this dramatically increases your chances of showing your offer to the hottest prospects possible.

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