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WP Image Traffic Pro
Automate A Totally Proven Ranking Technique Used By SEO Professionals
What we've done is automate a proven image SEO technique the professionals use to get their sites ranking higher in Google and Bing...
SEO Professionals use these special types of image sitemaps on their sites. Our plugin builds it automatically for you and then it auto-updates anytime an image is added to your site. No work on your part and you're getting more free traffic.

Higher Rankings For All Of Your Pages, Posts, and Ecommerce Products
Whether you have a blog or a WooCommerce site, your pages, posts, and products will rank higher within Google and Bing.
Imagine more FREE traffic hitting your site and what that will do for your business. All it takes is installing this plugin on all of your sites.

Set & Forget Totally Hands-Free Traffic
One of the best things about this plugin is that you set it up once, then forget about it. Anytime you add a new image to your site, the image sitemap is automatically updated so you don't have to do a thing.
Install the plugin, take 2 minutes to set it up, and you're done. Create pages, posts, or product listings like you would normally knowing they have a better chance of ranking higher.

Newbie Friendly and Super Easy To Use
Using this plugin couldn't be any easier...
Simply install and activate the plugin. There are no complicated settings and everything only needs to be submitted to Google and Bing one time. Anyone can use this plugin regardless of technical ability. Further optimizing your site and getting more traffic couldn't be easier.

1) WP Image Traffic Pro Unlimited $12.95
2) WP Image Traffic Pro Single $12.00
3) WP Image Traffic Pro Developer Pro $17.00
4) WP Image Traffic Pro Developer Pro Plus $17.57
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