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The Bundle contains:

  • Woozone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
  • WooZone Contextual – Amazon Advertising Plugin
  • ADF – Amazon Discount Finder for Wordpress
  • Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme
Get all Amazon Affiliates Advertising Plugins in one place!

On top of that we provide a Wordpress Theme as well, so the package could be complete.

All you have to do is install the pack, setup all the plugins, fill out your amazon associate id and let the commissions come! Learn how to make money easily, just like that!



New Member
Thank you.
Just wondering if we can get by chance?

Also, does anyone know how to change the thesaurus?
As well as any tweaks I should know about? ;)


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I would really like to request the current update.

14.11.2017 — v9.0.6.7
Important > - fixed the issue: amazon reviews ajax was executing on every page instead of product details page
Important > - internally changed the way we retrieve amazon categories & their properties (sort values, search parameters): we have a new table which has replaced the csv files used in previous plugin versions (updated browsenodes - categories and subcategories)

02.11.2017 — v9.0.6.6
Important > - fixed the issue: sweetalert css overriding WP-Rocket styles causing the WP-Rocket settings page to be innaccessible
Important > - fixed the issue: External products (other than Amazon) buttons dissappeared on product details page.
Important > - fixed the issue: block mixed active content when searching in amazon recommendations (webiste has SSL cerificate installed)
- fixed the issue: Amazon Customer Reviews tab wouldn't show on the wp-admin / product details page / WooCommerce Product Data metabox

10.10.2017 — v9.0.6.5
Fixed some issues regarding the "Buy" button on products listing and product details pages when your website cart is disabled

08.10.2017 — v9.0.6.4
Added new module - Amazon Recommendations

04.10.2017 — v9.0.6.3
Important > - Fixed warnings / errors with php7
- fixed "created date" column for auto import search module
- Added compatibility with BravoStore Theme
- Added compatibility with Flatsome Theme

08.09.2017 — v9.0.6.2
Important > Add to cart button on product archive instead of Read More
Add to cart button now works with AJAX on product archive
Issue with caching plugins