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Instant GB WET CASH – Adult Profit Machine

WET CASH – Adult Profit Machine


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Q. Do I need to spend additional money after buying this ebook?

A. Generally no! If you want to earn more or to make some parts easier to do, you can invest about $10.

Q. Do I need to share/upload videos?

A. No you don’t need.

Q. Do I need to chat with people?

A. No you don’t need.

Q. Do I need to have a website?

A. No, website is not needed.

Q. How do I get support?

A. Support is over Skype and e-mail.

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Once look it :)


in PM with the author he said it doesn't involve reddit. i bought stuff on BSM and was lied to about traffic sources before so i take it with a grain of salt.

a redditor 2w ago made a thread selling this ebook for a discount. his post history reveals he's pushing adult traffic to his own subreddit via his redgifs profile. both profiles (subreddit, and redgifs) go to an adult PPS offer. it's not IMlive or chaturbate like in the proof screenshots but its another $65 CC submit many adult marketers use.
could just be coincidence. or could be the exact method lol.
those familiar with previous BSM ebooks know they are usually very simple.
reddit is hot and it's not hard to get eyeballs on adult posts.