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BTW, Aloha from Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte!
We’re full-time offline consultants in Maui Hawaii.

Providing marketing services to local businesses allows us to live a pretty sweet life. We get to work from home, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is rewarding.
It wasn’t so easy when we first started our businesses. In fact, both of us damn near quit out of frustration and lack of clients …and lack of money.
See we, came out of the gate swinging, trying to sell local businesses on high ticket services like SEO, Reputation Management, and Social Media.
We didn't get a single client!
Selling these types of services when you have no clients and no reputation is IMPOSSIBLE.
We needed a service we could start small and GROW BIG.
Building our Client base, reputation, and fees along the way.