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[Udemy] Python Web Development


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Are you new to Python and are yet to explore all that it can do? Yes, Python has more to it than just data science and application programming. With the help of frameworks like Flask and Django, it can also build scalable web applications. The following are some popular web applications that are majorly written using Python or Django:

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  • Instagram

  • Prezi
Python has two powerful frameworks: Flask and Django. The question is which framework should we choose? A common route is to begin building small, interesting projects with a simple framework, like Flask, and move on to Django as you begin to grasp the basics.

This Learning Path is designed to mold you to a complete Python web developer.

Yes, this is not a course; it is a Learning Path.

What this essentially means is that it contains multiple video courses that are logically tied together to provide you with a larger learning curve.

Let’s dig into what this Learning Path does. Since you already know the basics of Python, you are no stranger to the fact it is an immensely powerful language. With the basics in place, this Learning Path takes a hands-on approach and demonstrates how to build fully functional real-time applications from scratch. The Learning Path begins with building interesting projects with Flask, gradually introduces the more challenging framework—Django—and then moves on to the complex concepts in it. It covers concepts such as how to build up and structure an effective web API that can be used by any client application accessing it over the HTTP protocol, and how to use the Flask and Django ecosystem efficiently to create web applications.

So after completing this Learning Path, you should be able to create web applications as good as any of the popular applications mentioned above. Yay!