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[Udemy] Javascript ES6 : From Zero To Hero


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Learn the new concepts of Javascript ES6 that will help you build solid, fast and and up to date projects in a easy and effective way.

Build a strong foundation for the future of web technologies

  • Understand and use asynchronous code with promises
  • New types and functions
  • Classes and ways to partition code with modules
Get started and learn about the ES6 features in just one hour!

This course focuses on giving you a fast and compact lecture format to get you started on the most important features of ES6. Course is full with examples and comparisons with older ES5 approaches so you can understand how efficient and useful is to understand and write ES6 code.

Contents and Overview

Suitable for beginners as well for those who already know ES6 features but want a second look at them, this 1 hour course will take you through basic things like declaring new variables with let and const then you will learn about different long expected features like: classes, promises, arrow functions and modules. You will also be able to learn about iterators and generators as the course will take you through examples of these features.

Along these topics you will also be able to learn about : default parameters, rest parameters and spread syntax, template strings (which are really useful for maintaining a cleaner code), destructuring assignment ( that will help you write javascript faster), symbols and additions to the object literals.

Don't worry if the topics above sound unfamiliar because this course is intended to present them to you and explain them in the easiest way possible.