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Become a Master of Marketingwith one Complete Program.

Learn everything the best in the world are doing to plan, start and grow businesses with digital marketing. Master all digital marketing disciplines from the very basics to the most advanced tactics, strategies and automations.

01 - Business Planning and Strategy - 35 Lessons, 11 Hours

Make Realistic Business Plans
Learn Business Math and KPIs
Manage Teams and Expenses
Product/Service Development
Competitive Strategy
Vision, Mission and Values

02 - Marketing Planning and Strategy - 48 Lessons, 13 Hours

Advanced Market Research
Digital Marketing Strategy
Customer Understanding
Channels and Targeting
Creating Customer Journeys
Growth and Retention

03 - Copywriting and Content Marketing - 57 Lessons, 10 Hours

Key Principles of Copywriting
Ad and Landing Page Copy
Techniques of the Masters
Content Ideas and Strategy
How to Make Great Content
Content Growth Strategies

04 - Advertising with Google - 73 Lessons, 17 Hours

Keyword Research and Search Ads
Display Ads and YouTube Ads
Google Shopping and Remarketing
Optimization and Scaling
Best Practices and Strategies
Official Google Certification

05 - Social Media Marketing - 25 Lessons, 6 Hours

Growing your Social Audience
Engagement and Social Algorithms
Shareable and Viral Content
Using Chatbots and Automations
Working with Influencers
Channel Monetization

06 - Social Media Advertising - 87 Lessons, 27 Hours

Facebook and Instagram Ads
Audiences and Targeting
Ad Formats and Creatives
Analysis and Optimization
Advanced Ad Strategies
FB Blueprint Certification

07 - Email Marketing and Automation - 31 Lessons, 9 Hours

Email Marketing Strategies
Email Tools and Technologies
Segmentation and Automation
Copywriting Tips For Emails
Ecommerce Email Marketing
Cold Email, Lead Gen and Sales

08 - Ecommerce Mastery - 16 Lessons, 20 Hours

Trendspotting and Niche Research
Ecommerce Business Planning
Management and Operations
Selection and Development
Creating your Shopify Store
Marketing, Growth and Scaling

09 - Analytics and Conversion Optimization - 54 Lessons, 13 Hours - COMING SOON

Tracking Infrastructures
Analytics and CRO Tools
Marketing and Website Analytics
Building Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimization
Data Driven Decision-Making

10 - Search Engine Optimization - 38 Lessons, 10 Hours - COMING SOON

The Fundamentals of SEO
Indexation and Ranking Factors
SEO Tools and Technologies
Link Building and On-Page SEO
Complete SEO Checklist
Black Hat and White Hat Strats

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