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Snake Diet PLR
Dear Marketer,
As someone who has struggled with weight for 21 years, I know what your target audience hopes to find online when it comes to weight loss content - because I'm one of them.
They're looking for something a bit different - not as stale as the content they've devoured before. They want hope and inspiration and details. They want something that works FAST and is easy to understand. Not one of those confusing plans that has you spending 50 hours a week trying to figure it out until you're so stressed you binge on a gallon of Bluebell Ice Cream.

So when I kept seeing my thinner, more committed friends on Facebook brag about how they were slimming down using something called The Snake Diet, I knew I had to dig in and discover what this was all about.
Turns out, this is an awesome plan! Fasting alone is incredible - it helped me lose about 20 pounds FAST before my last vacation. But the Snake Diet puts a whole new spin on it!
It was the perfect slant for a PLR bundle of 25 articles and a report - designed to reinvigorate your audience with a new way to Fight the Fat so they can gain a new lease on life.
There are dozens of news stories about fasting diet plans and how effective they are - not only for weight loss, but to help with other health issues as well.
As someone who has struggled with dieting, I can attest to the fact that fasting is often easier to do than other diet plans because on fasting days, you're not having to be around food and limit yourself, whereas on normal diets you have to weigh foods on a scale, count calories, etc. It's exhausting!
When people are starting a diet, they often don't want to tell those closest to them. They get judged in person and prefer someone like you who can guide them and motivate them online.
This powerhouse content will allow you to cater to your audience online in your blog or in emails and get them to opt onto your list with an informative lead magnet.
Here's what all is in this pack:​

1) Snake Diet PLR $31.00
2) Snake Diet PLR OTO $97.00
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