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Shopify Legacy
Imagine having me show you every single product I sell, who my supplier is, what I sold it for and where exactly I sold it? That's just one of the things you get access to inside Shopify Legacy training.

Build a Shopify Legacy without emptying your bank spending like crazy on advertising. No more having to find "hot" or "trending" only products to see success with your own eCommerce store. Growth and sustainability are the most important factors in business - so why is no one teaching this with Shopify? Instead of having single product stores that die out in 60 days, learn how to grow a LONG TERM, successful eCommerce business.


3 x ZERO Ad Cost Methods
Social Sharing To Wealth
Branding Your Entire Store And Marketing
Creating a Branded Facebook Page
Closing Tactics For Your Sales
How There Is No Competition For Us
Long Term SEO and Blog Building
Email Marketing Mastery
The BEST Apps For Your Store
Long Term Growth With Instagram
Build Relationships & Have Customers Coming Back
Easy Peezy Facebook Ads
The Most Underutilized Search Ad Method
Long Term Sustainability And Growth
Summary To Ultimate Success
& a lot more!

6 figure Shopify stores without ad costs? Sounds insane right. that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll be shown inside this program. From setting up your store with the perfect apps, to using social sharing methods and long term marketing tactics to grow your store FAST! As well as keep it growing even bigger over time. Think big picture.

Taught by multiple 7 figure eCommerce seller Kevin Edgar. Included with this program is lifetime access to the coaching group where we will be sharing products with you, giving you personal attention and ensuring you stay accountable to your success. There's no better place to be then among like minded individuals.