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Roland Frasier - CFE Masterclass (Consulting for Equity)

Roland Frasier - CFE Masterclass (Consulting for Equity)


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Special Invitation To Master The CFE™ Process And Short-Cut Your Wealth With Roland Frasier and His Cadre Of Experts

"The Ultimate Wealth Shortcut Case Study Training:
Better Clients, Paying Upfront, Adding Recurring Revenue
In as Little as 15-30 Days...


Option #1: CFE™ Masterclass -

8 Weeks of Group Mentorship Live “Done-With-You” Workshops With Roland Frasier, Ed O’Keefe + Cadre of Coaches

Live trainings with Roland and his cadre of Coaches ACTIVELY walking through immediate steps to get more clients, higher fees, recurring revenue, and ideal equity deals.

Roland, personally, will walk you through his entire Consulting For Equity (CFE™) 20 Year Wealth Shortcut System starting with:
  • 3 Step Consulting For Equity Blueprint:
  • Get Clients (Grow): How I Added $30,000,000 In 10’s of Millions of Dollars in Equity in less than 18 months!
  • Get Paid 2X-5X Higher Fees: end “gotta minutes” & free strategy calls, “pick your brain sessions”...
  • Receive Equity!
The first week, you will be off n’ running as Roland covers the entire CFE™ process of Getting Dream Clients, Getting Paid, Getting Equity.

YOU don’t have to wait for week 6 or 7 to get to the part that is most relevant to you! Wherever you are: you will get a fast action and immediate cash surge with the CFE™ gameplan from Roland in the first week.

  • Double Your Inbound Flow: Over 27 Proven Lead Generation and Client Getting Formulas
  • How We Added 20,000 Highly Engaged and Targeted Leads That Generated over $5,500,000 and drives coaching clients and consultations.
  • “Where Can I Wire You The Money?”: The Strategy for Positioning & Zero Resistance Consulting Deal Closing That Has Your Dream Client Asking YOU “Where Can I Wire The Money?”
  • 6 Types Of Consulting For Equity Deal Structures and How to Know When to Use With Your Ideal Client.
  • Delivering A World Class CFE™ Consulting Experience That Has Them Begging For You To Become A Partner.
  • Half-Day Consult” Sprint ($5,000): we’ll work together on getting YOU your first half-day consult. This can put an immediate $5K,$12,500, or $25K in your pocket immediately.
  • Acres Of Diamonds: 3 Zero Cost Client Getting Strategies You Can Do Immediately ($1,500)
  • Level 10 Client-to-Equity Road-Map: Discover Roland’s personal criteria for identifying and choosing the “Level 10 Client to Equity” that everything else flows from. His stories, case-studies, marketing, social media posts, and much more!

    Do this wrong...and you are shouting aimlessly into the ocean. Do this right...and you are shooting fish in the barrel.
  • “Get Your 1st Client” Deal Sprint ($1,500): You may already be consulting with your “1st Client Deal” now...and it’s a matter of adding equity. Or you may be doing “consulting” for the first time, and we’ll help you identify clearly and effortlessly get your ½ day consult and deal
  • 5 “Group” Closing Strategies: Turn Lead Magnets, Books, Webinar, Challenges, or Podcasts into CFE Clients ($3,000). We’ll “sprint” to get you this first deal. Get Level 10 Client, Get Paid, Receive Equity!
  • 3 Done-For-You “Level 10 Experience Consult Kits” For:
    1) Grow Sales Consult Day
    2) Grow Profits Consult Day
    3) Marketing Makeover Consult ($7,500)
  • 21 Equity Consulting Checklists, Agreements, Scripts, Models + Templates ($1,500): In short order, you’ll have dream clients lining up to pay for ½ day consults and want deals. We don't want you wasting any time on logistics or paperwork.

    You’ll never have to think or guess what your next step is; what to say, or what to do in any situation. We give you my own checklists, agreements, and scripts that took me years to figure out saving you time and money.
  • Lifetime Access To The CFE™ Deal Community 1st Day: Collaborate, make deals, and share ideas/results with other consultants, coaches, experts, and service businesses. Never feel “alone” again with your new CFE™ community.

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