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Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my course!

It's been a lot of fun seeing so many of you do so well with my previous training. After seeing and reading your successes, I decided to do something special in this course:

In addition to showing you a business that I've never shared with anyone before, this course also teaches you my entire process for developing successful businesses.

I created this course because I wanted to show you how to create your own, unique businesses, around a proven business model.

In this training, I start out by teaching you the specific business that I’ve never shared in any other course. The business that I reveal inside this course is not a business idea that’s based on theory, it’s an actual business that I’ve personally done very well in myself. This is a business that I've successfully run on a full-time basis. If you'd like, you could even copy this exact business yourself.

I go through the set up steps and the simple, daily activities of this business in great detail, showing you the exact customer-getting process. I deconstruct the entire business and show you the precise steps for starting and running your own, unique business, using this proven business model.

In the course, I teach you how to set up your business so that your customers pay you directly into your PayPal account.

In the training, I recommend that you charge no less than $500 per customer. In the pricing example that I provide in the course, you would net a profit of $300 for every $500 that you receive from your customers.

This business model also teaches you how to charge your customers high, recurring payments and set your pricing at a level that would continue to net you a profit of $300, every three months.

This course outlines a step-by-step process for starting and running legitimate businesses. Once you learn this method, you should have no desire to purchase another WSO ever again, because you're going to learn how to create very real businesses that just simply work.

In this training, I am essentially giving you my entire "business brain". I show you exactly how I develop successful businesses, using a formula that has consistently worked for me.

This business model does not involve any of the following things:

x SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
x Promoting CPA Offers
x Affiliate Marketing
x Selling WSO’s
x Solo Ads or Ad Swaps
x Driving Traffic to Websites
x Selling PLR Content
x Multi-Level Marketing
x Blogging
x Webinars
x Fiverr or any other “Gig” Sites
x Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
x Ebay
x YouTube or any other Video Sites
x Amazon
x Pinterest
x Craigslist
x Forum Posting / Forum Commenting
x Promoting Surveys, Contests, etc.
x Paid Advertising (PPC, PPV, etc.)
x Writing Long Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, etc.
x Cold Calling / Speaking on the Phone
x Meeting Face-to-Face with People
x Skype

This business model does, however, show you how to develop unique businesses that provide real value that’s highly targeted to your customers.

This course includes the following:

The Main Course: This training course includes highly detailed pictures and numbered instructions, showing you each step for setting up and running your business. Regardless of your current level of experience with starting or running an online business, you'll be able to implement what I teach in this course. As long as you can follow along with the pictures and numbered steps, you can do this.

The Business Materials Folder: This folder contains extensive materials for you to use as your own and apply to your unique business. The main course shows you exactly how and when to use each of the items in this folder. Although the actual business ideas that you create and implement will be unique, you’ll be able to apply these business materials to your business. In other words, since your business ideas will be based around a proven business model and business process, these business materials can be easily applied to your unique business.

Additional details about the types of businesses you’ll learn to set up:

No Expensive Start-Up Costs: Aside from this course, the only other things you'll need are a domain name and web hosting (if you don’t currently have web hosting that allows you to host one more website). In the course, I provide you with a coupon code so that you can get your first month of web hosting for a penny, and you can register a domain name for less than ten dollars.

Free Customer-Getting Method: You won't have to spend any money on advertising or marketing to acquire customers. Additionally, you'll never have to speak with anyone over the phone or meet with anyone face-to-face.

You Control the Factors for your Success, NOT the Search Engines:
The businesses you'll learn to set up do not rely on things that are outside of your control such as getting a high ranking in the search engines. All that's required on your part is just some honest effort and a willingness to follow the simple steps in the course.

Total Flexibility: Once your business is set up, you'll have complete flexibility in terms of when you work on your business. This is not a business model that requires you to work during traditional business hours.

Very Easy Fulfillment:
Fulfilling orders is very simple. You don't need any technical or specialized skills to fulfill your customers' orders. The actual fulfillment shouldn't take any more than 10-15 minutes maximum.

Fully Scalable / Easy to Outsource: The types of businesses you'll learn to set up can be easily outsourced to someone else. There’s virtually no limit to how large you can scale the business or businesses that you develop.

You’ll Learn How to Start Businesses that Will Work Over the Long-Term: When you follow the process in this course, you'll never have to worry about starting a business that may stop working at some point in the future.

You’ll be Offering Real Value that you Can Feel Good About: You're going to learn how to provide your customers with something that has both a high perceived value AND a high actual value. Of course, when you provide your customers with real value, they'll be happy, and in turn, you'll feel good about the work you're doing too.



Very interesting course. But it seems from 2014, is it still relevant in 2017 ? Thanks for giving more light on it.


What is this course all about?
Is it possible to share the official sales page of this course? ....Just for getting familiarised with the details of this course.