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Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR
Dear Niche Marketer:
It sounds strange, but did you know you can get addicted to stress? It's true! Your body's response to negative situations actually provides you with the adrenaline to push through, and for those who feel intimidated by daunting tasks or events, letting stress elevate them to a place of action is helpful!
The problem is, that constant surge of cortisol eventually does damage to a person's body, and they then find themselves unable to cope or exist without it. They don't work on alleviating stress because it's all they know.
I've released a full content funnel that helps you cater to people struggling with their hidden addiction to stress, and you get a full eBook, two short reports, an email autoresponder series, articles and product reviews - all at just $1 per page during this sale.
My bundle, called Quitting Your Addiction to Stress was derived from a health niche starter pack outline I released previously, where I only gave buyers an outline of topics that should go into their funnel.
Instead of just an outline, I decided to go ahead and fully flesh out the content in full for you - so you don't have to write a word if you choose not to.

Here's the High Quality Content You'll Get in Your Instant Download File:

I've developed a complete text-based content funnel for you, so you get more content for your money. This is perfect for building a list, bringing traffic to your blog, emailing your customers and selling your own products as well as making recommendations for tangible items your audience may need.
It includes the following:

Main eBook Title: Quitting Your Addiction to Stress
This 23-page, 10,082-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:
Chapter 1: What Does It Mean to Be Addicted to Stress?
Chapter 2: Consequences for Failing to Break Your Stress Addiction
Chapter 3: Analyze Where Your Stress Stems From
Chapter 4: Figure Out What You Can Quit Cold Turkey
Chapter 5: Curb Your Public Complaining
Chapter 6: Replace Bad Stress Habits with Good Ones
Chapter 7: Does Stress Give You Permission to Indulge?
Chapter 8: Interrupting Your Usual Stress Reactions
Chapter 9: Learning to Live a Stress-Free Life
Chapter 10: Keep an Eye Out for Old Habits

1) Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR $51.00
2) Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR OTO $97.00
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