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Pursuit of Purpose -Gilles Athaw +OTOs


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Pursuit of Purpose
Life can be challenging at times, especially for those who have yet to find their sense of purpose. In fact, Cision PR Newswire did a stunning survey that shows an approximately two-thirds of Americans have no plans for their life.
And this has proven to be a HUGE problem because when humans are not motivated and have no direction in life, they turn towards their closest friends or family members for a direction.

The worst part is when a person has no idea what they should be doing, the outcome is usually one of the three things below.

1. They do nothing meaningful in life
2. Feel utterly depressed or…
3. Get influenced by ‘bad’ people and thus causing the general crime rate to hike.
Yes there’s no sign of the global crime rate slowing anytime soon...
And to make things worse… more and more of the people today are facing the depression problem and one of the main causes for this is that they are finding it rather difficult to find their direction of what they want to achieve and are wildly unhappy with their current state of life.

For any individual to succeed instead of getting stuck in a downhill spiral, purpose becomes the key to achieving great things in life. When one finds a sense of purpose, they get motivated and they know the direction that they have to move towards instead of getting stuck in a limbo of lost dreams.

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