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Printable Profits - Your Roadmap To A 6-Figure
Income, Even If You Fail 98% Of The Time...

Printable Profits Masterclass - 8 Module Video Course (Total Value: $2,997):

Inside each of these bite-sized, easy-to-follow lessons you’ll find strategies, tips, and hacks to:
  • Find design ideas people want to pay for...
  • Turn them into printable designs in under 5 minutes - by doing it yourself or even outsourcing it...
  • Turn those simple designs into a 6-figure income…

#2Lifetime Access To A Closed Facebook Community (Total Value: $2,328):

No one succeeds alone. Get connected with other Printable Profits members, as well as our coaches, and get all the help & support you need to build a 6-figure income.

#3Icon E-Com VIP Treatment
(Total Value: $5,060):


To help you start your new business with as little hassle and as soon as possible, we’ve partnered up with a leading manufacturer and arranged for you to get preferred treatment.
That means free integration with Amazon and Etsy for a year. $1 OFF of every mug, water bottle, and tumbler you sell. And free templates for you to use. This is in addition to some other great perks they have for their users.

Plus, 6 Amazing FREE Bonuses:
BONUS #11,000 Done-For-You Fast Start Package (Value: $5,000):

To help you start making money as soon as possible, we’ve prepared 1,000 designs for you to use. Change them. Modify them. Or use them as is.
Even if only ONE of these designs turns into a success, it’ll cover your investment into Printable Profits many times over.

BONUS #21 Month Of VA Services (Value: $600):

You don’t even have to upload and setup those designs yourself.
We’ve arranged for you to get 40 hours of Virtual Assistant service and you VA setup everything for you!
Or you can use them to find you new ideas for designs.
It’s your choice.

BONUS #3White Glove Coaching & Support
(Value: $1,997):


Have a specific question or challenge that requires experience & specific knowledge to answer?
No problem.
Dave Kettner himself will hit the RECORD button and create a video for you, answering your specific question.

BONUS #4Video Vault Access (Value: $497):

Not only you get a video answer from Dave, but you’re also getting access to other video answers Dave gave to other members.
You can learn from other people’s situations and questions.

BONUS #5Business Consult & Setup (Value: $500):

Forming an LLC can save you thousands of dollars in taxes.
To help you save all that money and keep it in your pockets, we’ve partnered with a leading business services provider to help you form your own LLC and start saving money right away.

BONUS #6Hidden Gems Monthly Report
(Value: 1,997):


What’s working this month? What topics and designs are bestsellers right now? Are there any upcming big holidays and important days you should create designs for?
We share with you all that - and more - as part of our monthly Hidden Gems report.

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