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Plumbers Marketing Packs Volume 2 - Simon Lim +OTOs


Plumbers Marketing Packs Volume 2
From the desk of Simon Lim
Get Paid By Clients Who Are Easy To Work With, and Highly-Profitable!
Dear Marketer,
I'm Simon. Since 2012, I've worked with 1000s of businesses from around the world in various niches to grow their online presence, and drive more customers through their doors.
What my team and I do is create premium quality marketing materials and systems that drive leads and sales for businesses.
Throughout this time we've come to realize there are certain types of niches and certain types of business that are the easiest to work with AND the most profitable for you.
One of these ideal types of businesses is plumbers.
We all know that having quality content is essential for marketing.
Anything less, and not only will people not be interested in learning more about you, but it could seriously damage your reputation.
Most plumbers are not content creators, so they don't know what it takes to create great content.
With these premium marketing resources, you can provide plumbers with an easy solution.
One of the most effective ways to generate more leads and customers online is by putting out quality content consistently.
The more consistent you are with putting content out there, the more your brand awareness will increase.
A lot of plumbers don't have the time to create content and distribute it on a consistent basis.
So you can take these done-for-you premium marketing resources, and provide massive value to plumbers right now.

1) Plumbers Marketing Packs - Volume 2 $27.00
2) Plumbers Marketing Packs - V2 - Pro Upgrade $37.00
3) Plumbers Marketing Packs - V2 - Basic Upgrade $27.00
4) Plumbers Marketing Packs - V2 - Deluxe Upgrade $47.00
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