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Marketers across the board are focussed on selling on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
BUT, let’s not forget - social media platforms are designed to work for their own success – not yours.
Think for a second - if a tree falls in the forest – does anyone hear it?
Similarly, if you post something to social and nobody sees it - what’s the point in doing so?

Let say you have 122k followers on twitter, and you send a tweet – there’s no way 122,000 people will see it.
And purely from a business perspective – why would these platforms help you reach customers for free when we have proven ourselves willing to pay for it through paid ads?
The Ugly Truth is – your business on social media is just tolerated because it keeps the internet free for the rest of us.
While Social media works on ‘One-to-many’ principle – people today are quickly moving to platforms that are one-to-one or one-to-few (chosen ones).

Like Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS, KIK, Secret
David Sacks, CEO of YAMMER: “Both WhatsApp and Secret represent the ascendency of the phone book over the friend graph. It’s back to the future.”
The holy grail isn’t 3.5 billion Facebook users, but being connected to as many users in as many places as possible.

The more places you are connected to your customers, the greater the chances that you will actually be able to sell them something.
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1) OmniBlaster Premium: eMail - SMS - Voice Marketing Platform $29.00
2) OmniBlaster Ultimate - Unlimited Edition $39.00
3) OmniBlaster White-label 250 Licenses $197.00
4) OmniBlaster White-label Unlimited $297.00
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