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Nick Lenihan - Sweepstakes Mastery (With Proof Of Earnings)


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Nick Lenihan - Sweepstakes Mastery
Master Push Notification Ads and Sweepstakes CPA Offers


13 Amazing Modules Covering Everything to Learn Affiliate Marketing with Paid Traffic
Tools & Resources
Discover all of the essential tools and resources needed to work with paid traffic effectively as an affiliate marketer.

Exact instructions on how to apply for affiliate networks and traffic sources so you don't get your application denied.

Sweepstakes Vertical
A complete explanation of how the sweepstakes vertical works in affiliate marketing, particularly for credit card submit offers.
Affiliate Offers
Find out exactly how to select a CPA affiliate offer with real potential to exponentially increase your chances of success.

Push Notification Ads
Learn exactly how push notification ads work, the targeting options, and what the most important elements in the ad are.

Spying on Competitors
Several methods to uncover other affiliate's profitable campaigns currently running on push traffic.

Landing Pages
Discover how to host the most suitable landing pages for credit card submit sweepstakes offers on a lightning fast server.

Tracker Setup
Step-by-step guides with text and images showing exactly how to setup Binom, Voluum, or BeMob to track your campaigns accurately.

Traffic Source Settings
Set your campaign up on the push ads traffic source with the ideal settings; exactly how I do it.

Scaling Campaigns
Multiple options for scaling your profitable campaigns to their biggest poential.

Case Studies
2x case studies written from the perspective of someone just getting started with promoting credit card submit sweepstakes offers on a push notification ad traffic source.