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New Generation EA MT5

New Generation EA MT5


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New Generation EA MT5

EA Description :

This is a High-Frequency Trading EA. EA is supported by a strong signal finding algorithm. Most of the algorithms are smart and automatic. You need to adjust only 3 parameters to optimize the signal engine of the EA. Thus optimizing and using EA is very simple and easy.

Supported Symbols and Timeframes :

All timeframes and pairs are supported by EA.

The best operation of EA is on all 28 Major and Cross Pairs of Forex.

The best timeframes are M15,M30,H1

EA Inputs
  • General Options
    • Trade Type
    • Maximum Number of Open Trades any time
    • Minimum Distance to Open New Position (Type/Points/ATR Multiplier) : Minimum distance from existing position to open new one if signal conditions meet
    • Minimum Distance to Open New Position (Minutes) : Minimum time from last trade to open new one if signal conditions meet
    • Maximum Spread to Open Position (points)
    • Take Profit ( Type/Points/ATR Multiplier )
    • Stop Loss (Multiplier of Take Profit) : SL is defined based on the multiplier of TP. Any value (even smaller than 1.0) is accepted.
    • Close All on Total Profit/Loss (0
    • Magic Number
    • Comments of Orders
  • Signal Settings
    • Wait for Stronger Signal (Points) : The amount of points to wait to make sure signal power is enough.
    • Entry Signal Period
    • Verification Signal Period Multiplier : Any value larger than 1 or equal with 1
  • Trailing Stop and Break Even
    • Trailing Stop Loss
    • Trailing Start (Points)
    • Trailing Stop Loss (Points)
    • Trailing Step (Points)
    • Break Even
    • Move TP to Break Even After Loss Amount (Points)
  • Volume
    • Volume Mode : Available options : Constant,Risk Percent of Balance/Equity,Auto Lots Based on Balance/Equity
    • Constant Lots (if above selected)
    • Risk Percentage (if above selected)
    • Auto Lots Per 1000 Balance or Equity (if above selected)
  • Notifications

      • PopUp Alerts
      • Push Notifications

    • Trading Time
  • News Filer
    • To enable news filter, On the Tools/Options/Expert Advisors Click and enable Allow Webrequest option and add to the list
  • ATR Settings
    • ATR Timeframe and Period used for distance of orders and TP if you set the mode=Based on ATR
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