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Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0 - [Esra Ekiz]

Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0 - [Esra Ekiz]


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Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0​

Course covers the basics and fundamentals of Data Vault 2.0 along with Agile Methodology and Big Data


  • Familiar with the basic concept of Database/RDBMS
  • Understanding the SQL fundamentals


Data Vault is an innovative modeling technique invented by Dan Linstedt to simplify data integration from multiple sources, offers auditability and design flexibility to cope with data from the heterogeneous information systems which supports most business demands today
It is designed to deliver an Enterprise Data Warehouse while solving many of the drawbacks of the 3NF (Inmon) and Dimensional Modelling(Kimball).
In this course, you will
  • Learn the basics of Data Modelling to become familiar with core concepts
  • Understand the fundamentals of traditional Data Warehouse approaches
  • Learn many of today’s Data Warehousing problems and issues with 3NF or Star Schema
  • Understand how Data Vault addresses these challenges and provide an innovative approach
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach from core concepts to advanced, and from architecture to key benefits
  • Learn how to effectively model Hubs, Links and Satellites
  • Understand DV Modeling constructs in detail
  • Understand the different architectural and modeling layers of DV 2.0
  • Learn Business Vault, Information Vault and significance of Dimensional Layer
  • Understand where to use 3NF, Dimensional Model or Data Vault
  • Understand loading patterns and architecture
  • Learn how to handle schema and grain changes on the Data Vault model
  • Learn why Agile Methodology is important for scalable Data Warehouses
  • Get familiar with Big Data Terminologies along with Data Vault Methodology
  • It also contains a hands-on case study to get participants familiar with the principles and concepts

What you'll learn​

  • Get understanding about Traditional Data warehouse concepts
  • Learn fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach
  • Understand principles of Agile Project Management in Data Vault 2.0
  • Learn Big Data Platforms Integration with Data Vault 2.0
  • Understand Data Vault architecture and layers
  • Learn Business and Information Vault
  • Understand advanced data modeling techniques
  • Design a Data Vault practical scenario from scratch
  • Convert 3NF & Dimensional Model to Data Vault
  • Understand Dimensional model principles in Data Vault
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