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Learn Prompt Engineering Fast

Learn Prompt Engineering Fast


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Learn Prompt Engineering Fast​

What You're Getting Today​

Advanced Prompt Engineering Video Trainings ($997 value):

    • How to build a third brain using AI

    • How to delegate most of your work to AI
    • How to identify the best model for each of your tasks
    • How to use the prompting checklist to get great outputs
    • How to use prompt stacking to get specific outputs
    • How to format your input so you don't confuse the AI
    • How to create perfect prompts using the Iteration Method
    • How to force the AI to deliver it's outputs in the right format
    • How to manage the tone of your AI generated text
    • How to generate out-of-the-box outputs by using mental models
    • How to generate domain specific outputs using the Import Method
    • How to use the Tell-And-Show Method to get the exact outputs you want
    • How to prevent the AI from going crazy in longer conversations
    • How to use AI as your personal tutor for prompt engineering

Fast Mover Bonuses ($1,315 value):

    • The Engineering Bible ($497 value)
    • Clean Cut Chat Checklists ($297 value)
    • Edison Creativity Codex ($297 value)
    • Mega Marketing Library ($197 value)
    • AI Spy ($27 value)

Personal Benefits (priceless):

    • Less stress
    • Better relationships
    • Higher earning potential
    • Better job security
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