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Freepik is a search engine that helps web and graphic designers access image files, vectors, illustrations and PSD files to help create. Freepik provides thousands of free files with AI formats, SVG, JPG and EPS With websites and designs that require low or almost zero budgets. This is really a bad solution. According to website creators, Freepik aims to gather quality graphics on the Internet and make them easy to access. You won’t have to spend time searching hundreds of websites to find objects. Suitable for creating your own works, and most of all, it’s free!

How does Freepik work?
Freepik system will find new websites to store photos and vectors for free. Images can be sorted by quality for easy access. When you use Freepik, the output will lead to the original address of the image. The author of the graphic will get credit and link to their website

Is Freepik working well?
Sure, when you search for the word “terrier”, the tool returns a set of results that includes 69 images from good to normal and 11 vector. And best of all, it’s free. When you click on a thumbnail of the image. You will find copyright information, the source of the image, the number of times the image was downloaded. The size information as well as the resolution. If you have time and do not really find anything, you can find the image being searched the most to see the aesthetic trends and tastes of users to draw experience for your design.

User manual
Step 1:

In the Filestype section, you will see 4 items: Vectors, Photos, Icons, PSD and website templates. You need to distinguish these 4 types to find the right object

PSD is abbreviated as Power Spectral Density-An original format of Adobe Photoshop. Now on many applications, image editing software, other competitive graphics also support this format. This format contains images made up of pixels. When downloading a file.PSD shared by others, you just need to start Photoshop or applications that support the app, select Open, find the folder containing the file.PSD and open. After opening the file, PSD will display a complete image and the layers containing the layers that make up the image. Just click on the eye in front of the layer to see which object corresponds to the object.

A vector file is a graphic file created by points, lines and shapes. Points are called nodes (nodes) and can be added, deleted, moved and have “handles” for you to influence the shape. Vector files are built from mathematical algorithms so that every time you change the size it will automatically recalculate the pixel accordingly, which makes it possible to edit, distort and stretch without The image is stretched like when you download a JPG file on Google images and insert it into your work.

Icon Photos (downloaded in PNG, EPS, SVG format) are pre-split icons that allow you to download and directly insert into the work.

Photos(downloading JPEG, GIF, JPG) are images similar to those you download on Google images. These photos are often used directly as when you post status on social networks, change the background, avatar

Website template is the template for your website to refer and find the appropriate template for your website according to each topic. You can also learn how to arrange shapes to optimize your website

Step 2:
You click on the thumbnail of the file you choose, you will see the information of that file (size, resolution, author …). You click on Free download

Step 3:
Click on “How to attribute?” To know how to show respect to the author. To use the design, you must copy the code and insert it into the website or if printed, you must have the words “designed by Freepik.com”

With outstanding advantages and eye-catching interface, it is hoped that Freepik will become a dictionary with not only designers but also marketers who want to grasp the tastes of customers.

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