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ECN Robot 2.1

ECN Robot 2.1


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What is ECN Robot ?​

ECN Robot is a successful MetaTrader 4 trading strategy that gives most accurate signals based on the ECN Chart. This Robot works in two ways: 'automated and manual' trading modes. The process is very straight. ECN Chart sends trading signals to ECN Robot and Robot immediately takes the trades based on coming signals. Moreover, it identifies the Major Trends of the market, Support-Resistance levels, Daily High-Low and Pivot points. This Robot takes care of the opened trades by adding strict Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop. If the market changes the Trend so it neither opens multiple trades nor does the hedge. This is very honestly Averaging Free; Hedging Free; Martingale Free; Arbitrage Free and Grid Free trading robot.

ECN Robot is capable of trading on all trading segments and generates attractive returns on your investment. Mainly, it doesn't require any large investment to work. Users can deposit a very small amount of 100 USD in ECN or Standard Account. Interesting point is that ECN Robot works nicely with only 1 USD deposit in a Cent Account and this fact is 100% true. ECN Robot never binds the traders to choose any recommended Forex brokers or trading account, because all Forex brokers are acceptable, basically who provides MetaTrader 4 platform.

ECN Robot is able to generate 90% to 120% profit within 22 trading days or a single month time period. To enhance the ROI, users can attach the Robot on extra trading charts or segments based on the free margin of their trading accounts.


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