Discount, Dollar, Specialty Store, Department Stores and Shoe Retailers Leads

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    Our Discount, Dollar, & Specialty Retailers Leads Database contains thousands of bargain retailer companies with contact information for buyers & decision makers. This database includes contacts in 17 different market segments; such as pet store leads, bookstore leads, general merchandise buyers, marine retailers, and more. These Discount Retailer Leads cover the chain store merchandisers and variety stores in the U.S. and Canada, including companies like Dollar Tree, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, PetSmart, and more.

    Our company has a strict criteria for inclusion, so only the most qualified discount, specialty, & dollar store leads make it into our sales leads directories. The criteria varies by type of business, but generally a company must exceed $500,000 in annual sales. Some exceptions include Dollar Stores with annual sales over $250,000, Auto Aftermarket & Marine retailers must meet an annual $100 million barrier to entry or operates 5+ locations, and Computer/Music & Video/Consumer Electronic retailers must have at least 5 locations or report yearly sales over $500 million. This ensures that your marketing efforts will have the greatest return.


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    Interesting but price is very expensive and i think we need tons of people to get nice deal
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    Very beneficial offer, especially for the product review sites....however the price gives me heartburn.

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