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Conversational Cold Email Kit $53 by James Laurain

Conversational Cold Email Kit $53 by James Laurain


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How do you know, without even looking at it, that someone just sent you another crappy cold email?

It’s like we have a sixth sense for detecting shoddy cold emails or something.
Seriously, the literal instant that “Re: Exciting opportunity” hits your inbox, you know what’s coming next…

“I'd like to introduce myself as your resource here at [Your Company Name]. I work with businesses in the [software, healthcare, nonprofit, education, etc.] industry, and noticed you visited our website in the past.”
(Are you cringing as bad as I am right now?)

Everyone’s beaten those poor HubSpot templates to death so hard that cold emails have become painfully predictable - and we all (including your prospect) know the formula now.

“We’ve helped companies like yours 3x their revenue in 3 months.”
(Yeah. Sure.)

...Oh, and what cold email wouldn’t be complete without a push for a call when they haven’t even earned one yet.

“[First name], let's schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share the idea with you. When works best for you?”
(Are you scrambling for your calendar right now? Didn’t think so.)

This is not another rote cold email template.
No way. This template is designed to be completely different because, frankly, the old way sucked.

This has been carefully crafted to help you come alongside your customer like a helpful peer. The Obi-Wan to your customer’s Luke. You’re not going to tell about the ways you can help your customer - you’re going to show them - but in a friendly way that doesn’t throw up gates or put you above them.

Ultimately, our goal is to create an email sequence so crazy valuable that your customer actually wants to subscribe to it. One they’ll miss when you’re gone.


This isn’t just some fill-in-the blank drivel. That’s how we got here in the first place. This is going to require some effort from you, but it will make you all the better for it.
Since this is so divergent, It’s going to feel wrong. No “You might have missed my last emails”, CTAs, or even *gasp* signatures. You need to just trust the process and resist the urge to insert typical cold email syntax.


Let's go.