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BANKER EA BY POW Darren Hill V5.0

BANKER EA BY POW Darren Hill V5.0


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Hello, this is the EA being sold here: Please login or register to view links

The Previous version has already been posted at the MetaTrader4 section but they came with a new version on metatrader 5 that has more features.

Here are some additional videos according the banker ea

Youtube account of Darrel Hill

How does it work?
The Banker EA will work 24/5 so you don't have to.
Entering Buys and Sells at the same time, means the overall market direction doesn't matter.

  • It run's itself 24/5. Once setup, the EA will do it's thing - whilst you go about your day as normal.
  • Hedging & Averaging Strategy. It will enter both buys and sells as and when required.
  • Integrated Risk Management. Manage open drawdown with an equity SL feature, all built in.
  • Built with Prop Trading in mind. That's right, you want an EA that will help you pass a Challenge and trade live. We've integrated the most common Prop Trading rules so we can prove it works and identify settings that will in turn increase the probability of a Challenge Pass!
  • The average challenge pass rate from our research is less than 8%. We can 9X this with proven pass rates of in excess of 74% on our GU Settings - all without the stress of analysis and being in front of the charts.
  • We've done the hard work testing to identify these higher probability settings and these are shared within our Discord Server to save you time having to do the same.
  • Use a Prop Firm where trades have to be closed on a Friday? We have you covered with that too, the EA can close all trades itself on a Friday pm and start again whenever you want - all automatically.
  • A NEW RSI Feature - the RSI Feature will help reduce the frequency and draw down of trades - this can be as specific as you want it to be. With customisable timeframes and RSI Periods.
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