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Alphabet Activity Kit
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Alphabet Activity Book Niche

Low-content publishing is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s face it though, if you’re here you probably already know the value of this business model. Self-publishing through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform is one of the best ways to make a passive income in 2020.
Whether you have any illustration experience or not, you can quite easily get a coloring or activity book together (with my help) and publish it on Amazon in one day.
Low-content publishing covers a variety of niches such as the more popular notebooks, journals, guest books and planners. However, all these niches are super competitive (what isn’t these days, right?). Well, luckily coloring books and activity books still have a higher “barrier to entry” than journals and notebooks.
You have to go to a bit more effort to get a coloring book together and while for business owners and entrepreneurs like us, that’s no big deal, for some it means they never start. This means two things.
One. If you are one of those people who hasn’t been able to start, then you’re in luck! You are in exactly the right place. Not only do you get to access some super high quality illustrations for your coloring and activity books, you also get access to a Facebook Group where you can ask for help, network with other KDP publishers and download my free guide for a step by step walk-through.
Two. If you are already a business owner or entrepreneur and you are maybe even already doing KDP or Etsy printables, you can access my high quality graphics to expand your existing business with high quality, done for you assets. This will give you extra time to focus on building your brand and your business.
Today, I have a special package of niche researched, high quality illustrations for you to use in your coloring books.
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1) Alphabet Activity Kit $29.00
2) Alphabet Activity Kit Bronze $39.00
3) Alphabet Activity Kit Silver $39.00
4) Alphabet Activity Kit Gold $39.00
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