Youtube Advanced Masterclass - Over $30k Per Month From Youtube

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  1. GodCompleX

    GodCompleX Well-Known Member Organizer

    Advanced Techniques You Need To Scale Your Youtube Income To The Next Level


    Module 1: Introduction
    • Welcome and Overview
    • Facebook Groups and My Email
    • How To Download Videos
    • How To Upload Videos
    Module 2: Getting Around Copyright ID Matches
    • Free Video Editor I Use Tutorial
    • Removing Intros and Outros From Creative Commons Videos
    • Creating Your Own Intros and Outros For Creative Commons Videos
    • Removing Watermarks From Videos And Adding Your Own Watermarks To Creative Commons Videos
    • Editing Music To Avoid ID Matches
    • Editing Speech To Avoid ID Matches
    • How To Export An Edited Video
    Module 3: Tip For Boosting Your Income
    • My Number One Secret For Boosting Income On Your Videos


  2. ApenZa

    ApenZa New Member Organizer

    Thanks for the link. Just want to know that do I need 50 posts here to download that?
  3. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    It's GB, join to the list if interested.
  4. Ariful Islam

    Ariful Islam Member

    So what about 50 post?
  5. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    50 post's it's just link to SP, not to download section.
  6. Shpyi37

    Shpyi37 New Member

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