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    Viral Traffic Builder

    Breakthrough App Sends You FREE Viral Traffic, Leads & Sales From Social Media Using Other People’s Content!


    Viral Traffic Builder automatically finds and shares other people's viral content on your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels...

    ...bringing you massive exposure, insane engagement and huge buyers audiences who are ready to buy your products and services!


    Perfect for marketers who don't have time to create content each day!

    • Set up unlimited numbers of fully automatic campaigns that run in the background even when you’re logged out from the software.

    • Automatically post content based on your chosen niche keywords.

    • Viral Traffic Builder can post up to 100 posts per-campaign, as often as you choose.

    • Choose the maximum number of posts per day.

    Perfect for content curators who want to post awesome content like clockwork

    • Manually pick and choose viral content from Viral Traffic Builder's search results

    • Edit the content by adding your own title, image, text and customized link before posting (perfect for curating)

    Perfect for serious bloggers who need to save time and track everything

    • Post your own original content across all 3 major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) all from one simple dashboard

    • Save time — no need to log in and publish to each social media account manually

    • Preview your post and edit the title, description, image and URL and see the edits in real time



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