The Feature Filmmaker Program - Micro Budget Film School

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    The Only Way To Become a Successful Filmmaker is To Make Films That Sell.
    Want to Know How?


    Why Make a Micro Budget Film?

    It’s fun to watch multimillion dollar blockbusters and to dream about making them. But no filmmaker ever gets the chance to make those films until they’ve proven what they can do with small budgets. If you look at the careers of any established filmmaker, you’ll notice that they almost always start out by making Micro Budget Films.

    • Before Darren Aronofsky made 'Black Swan', he started by making 'Pi' for $60k
    • Before Christopher Nolan made 'Inception', he started by making 'The Following' for $6k
    • Before Lena Dunham made the hit TV show 'Girls', she made 'Tiny Furniture' for $50k
    • Before Kevin Smith made 'Chasing Amy', he made 'Clerks' for $27k
    Time and time again, making a micro budget feature film has been a necessary step in a filmmaker's journey. It's their first film that is financially viable. That can get distribution. That gets attention. That sells.

    And you simply cannot go about it the same way you would if you had a multi-million dollar budget.

    What You Will Learn:

    This class focuses on the business of being a filmmaker and will include everything from:

    • The cheapest way to start your production company
    • How to design a film story that suits a micro budget
    • An easy approach to negotiating cast & crew agreements
    • Scheduling and budgeting efficiently
    • The 12 ways to legally get your production money
    • How to sell your film
    • Building Hype: affordable film marketing
    • Festival entry strategies
    • Attracting and signing with distributors
    • Understanding film sale cashflow
    • Self-Distribution Methods

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