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    Looking for money?

    Start GB thread now and get 25% of additional sells. +your product for FREE

    How it's works?
    It's realy easy and simple.
    1. Start GB for good product or WSO curse.
    2. Wait till GB will done for main members list.
    3. Now all new members from addtional member's list will pay u 25% of purchase amount.

    For Example:
    The GB product cost 50$ and in main list we will have 10 members. So the price for each member will be 5$.
    After GB compliet New members can join to additional list for 5$.
    So for 10 additional members in your GB you will GET 12,5$

    Want to sell your own product on smartple? -Feel free to PM me for any quastions.
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    I have product what I purchased for myself - can I sell it on smartple GB?
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    PM me or admin

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