Semrush PRO acc GB [1 month]

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99.00 USD
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Price per member:
17.49 USD
  1. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    SemRush pro for 1 moth.

    Analytics Reports
    Get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.

    Organic Research
    • See competitors’ best keywords
    • Discover new organic competitors
    • Observe position changes of domains
    Display Advertising
    • See top publishers and advertisers
    • Analyze competitors' display ads
    • Spot new publishers
    • View displays from different devices
    • Conduct a deep link analysis
    • Understand referring domains' authority
    • Check backlinks' types
    • Spot your links' geolocation
    Keyword Research
    • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
    • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
    • Get long-tail keywords
    • Explore multinational and multilingual environments

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  2. SEOboy

    SEOboy New Member

    How many ppl we need?
  3. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    it depends on price what u want) but i think 15-20 ppl.
  4. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    Count me in,
  5. siradj85

    siradj85 Member

    Can we join !?
  6. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    Sure, just use JOIN NOW button)
  7. Jorge

    Jorge Member

    This still aviable? How this work? We making a group payment every moth?
  8. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    yea) just join till we find enought ppl.
    It's GB for one month.

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