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Robert Williams - Endless Clients Course


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Robert Williams - Endless Clients | 3.89 GB
What You Get:
Module 1
Your Endless Clients System
How to Set Up Your System The Right Way
How to Add Thousands of Dream Client Sources
How to Find High-value Client Streams

What you'll get:

- A system for beating analysis paralysis in your business forever.
- A framework for standing out above 80% of your competition with one tool.
- An easy way to guarantee you close more deals.
- 61 exact word-for-word questions you can ask to discover value in the sales process.
- A bare-bones system for selling in four stages.
- The #1 thing to focus on when starting your system successfully.
- A guide to integrating your favorite tools, goals, and team into your system.
- My Dream Client Cheatsheet that will help you find thousands of dream clients.
- My premium Endless Clients Generator that will help you find thousands of clients in minutes.
- Secret tips for extracting high-value work from the best prospecting tool on the web.
- A proven tested roadmap for your lead and prospecting system.

Module 2
Your Irresistible Client Offer

- How to Create an Irresistible Client Offer
- Finding In-Demand Positioning in 30 Minutes
- Finding a Gold-Mine of $10k+ Projects on Google

What you'll get/learn:

- Walt Disney's secret to creating a compelling magical offer
- How to find high-value clients you enjoy working with
- How to confidently talk about your value and skills
- How to use Google to find a gold-mine of dream client sources
- 3 ways to identify in-demand client positioning without exhaustion
- How to hack Google's search engine to turn up big budget clients in need
- How to get clients interested enough to get on a call with you
- A concrete offer / marketing plan that gets you ahead of 99% of your competition
- The best tips for saving years of tiral and error on Google
- How to use market research to build an irresistible client offer
- What the best value propositions have in common
- How to craft a great client case study
- The step-by-step process of data-driven positioning and what it really looks like

Module 3
Your Selling Blueprint

- Selling to Clients Even if You Hate Sales
- How to use LinkedIn to generate 5+ $10k projects
- How to Maximize Your Email Response Rate

What you'll get/learn:

- How to get over your fear and hatred of marketing
- A simple structure for selling that feels natural
- The #1 mindset you have to get over to sell with confidence
- The framework for selling to clients that makes sense to their brain naturally
- A guide to using LinkedIn to find $10k+ projects even with no network
- How to craft sales pitches that target hair on fire client pains and clients are eager to pay for
- A proven formula for creating sales
- How to take advantage of more client touchpoints
- What to say to recommend a next step in any scenario
- My best tips for maximizing your response rate in ever client email

Module 4
Your Growth Playbook

- How to Optimize Your System for Growth
- How to Use Slack to find 5+ $10k projects
- VA Training Sample Walk-through

What you'll get/learn:

- How to truly separate your time from your income forever
- A trick for making sure you stay motivated about your pipeline for the long-haul
- What an Endless Clients system on autopilot looks like
- How to use Slack communities to find dream clients
- How to go from community member to a high-value consultant over email
- How to get more control out of your business
- How to make client work stop feeling like a treadmill
- How to not get stuck on a skills plateau and keep growing in-demand skills
- Exactly what to do to outsource any task in your business with great results
- How to think of your business like a product instead of a service
- How to automate your sales with email courses and VAs
- Exactly how to create six-figure proposals in minutes
- How to systematize your service delivery
- How to incorporate client feedback into your system so that it keeps improving and creating repeat clients



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