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Remote Sensing Basics in Earth Engine Python and Colab by Dr. Alemayehu Midekisa


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Remote Sensing Basics in Earth Engine Python and Colab by Dr. Alemayehu Midekisa


Remote Sensing Basics in Earth Engine Python and Colab Created by Dr. Alemayehu Midekisa | Last updated 5/2021
Duration: 1h 46m | 6 sections | 14 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 869 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub​
No prior knowledge of remote sensing is required.
Become proficient to analyze remote sensing data on the earth ee cloud computing platform
Learn the basics of remote sensing principles

Master the image processing skills: mosaicking, compositing, resampling, reprojection, spectral unmixing, and classification

Access and freely available Earth observation satellite data using cloud platform

Get familiarized with various satellite sensors and remotely sensed products

Get started with Python and Colab using the Google cloud computing

Anyone interested in to master Python and Earth Ee to analyze satellite data

Do you want to learn the basics of remote sensing using the Earth Ee Python API
Do you want to write your first Python code to analyze satellite data
Enroll in this Remote Sensing Basics in Earth Ee Python course.
I will provide you with hands-on Python scripts, data and tips and tricks to successfully write your code to manage big data on the cloud.
By taking this course, you will take your spatial data science skills to the next level by gaining proficiency in Python, AErth Ee, and Colab powered by by Google.

What makes me qualified to teach you
I have over 10 years of experience in processing and analyzing real GIS and Earth observation data from various sources including Landsat, MODIS, Sentinel-2, SRTM and other remote sensing products. I am also the recipient of one the prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship. I teach over 10,000 students on Udemy.

In this Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Image Analysis course, I will help you get up and running on the Google Earth Ee javascript API platform form to process and analyze geospatial data. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with a set of new Remote Sensing skills including accessing, ing processing, analyzing, and visualizing GIS and Earth Observation big data.

The course covers various topics including introduction to digital image processing, earth ee Python API overview, colab and various digital image processing analysis.

In this course, I will use real satellite data to help you up and running on the colab and Python environment easily. If you have no prior programming skills, do not worry. I will hep you get on track by guiding you step by step to master the Python AP and Colab. All sample data and script will be provided to you as an added bonus throughout the course.

If you want to improve your spatial data science skills and be ready for your next geospatial job, take action now by taking this course.

Lets get started!
Who this course is for:Anyone interested in learning how to process and analyze Earth observation data with Google earth EeAnyone interested to learning the basics of satellite remote sensing

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