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    My name is Russ Ward and I am known as "The Lead King"! In addition to owning a marketing company, I am a real estate agent in Pittsburgh, PA. I test everything I teach in my own business before I share it with anyone else! I have helped over 100 real estate agents all over the United States and Canada generate more leads than they can possibly handle! My systems are simple to implement yet extremely effective and generate amazing results!


    In This Course I Teach You To:
    • Pick Any Area You Would Like to Target. It Can Be A ZIP Code, City or Even a Housing Plan
    • Then You Watch Step By Step Literally Over My Shoulder As You Learn How to Create The Most SNIPER TARGETED, HIGHEST CONVERTING Ad In The Business
    • From There I Show You How to Send Everyone Who Clicks On Your Ad To a Lead Capture Form Where We Get Their Name, Email Address and Phone Number and Forward That Information to Your CRM Where an Instant Email and Text Drip Campaign is Started!
    • I Show You How We Instantly Send Your New Leads Directly To Your Chat Bot

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    Hi looking for more people to sign up as to lower the price thanks

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