[INSTANT GB] Passive Pinterest Profits - Set and Forget Pinterest Passive Income!

Discussion in 'Coaching | WSO' started by surfer, May 29, 2018.

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  1. Ray Cunningham

    Ray Cunningham New Member

    Hello and thank you so very much for your gift. Your kind thought deeply touched me.

    I have just been on a cursory trip through the wonders awaiting me on Pinterest. The narrator has such a vibrant personality and is wonderful at bringing the training 'alive' and interesting.

    May I make one extra request which would be most valuable, but I fully understand if it is not now part of the package?
    That being the 'Pretty Pin Wizard' software, which fascinated me in the webinar, as it could be of immense value.
    That said, I read in the PDF they offered it only on a short-term basis. Sort of, 'first in, best dressed." Therefore, I understannd if I missed the bus on that one. If not still available though, perhaps you might know of an alternative piece of software.

    I shall try my best to build an income from your gift and would then be pleased to return the favour, in some way, to you and those who came to my aid during my rough patch.

    Thank you for the picture, He looks just like my British, or Russian Blue feline master (aren't they all?) whom I call, Spock. The others are named, Stumpy (short tail) Tigger and Tammy. All spoiled rotten and loved unreservedly. Plus, a few outdoor feline visitors who look forward to their twice daily feed of tinned meat, dry pellets, fresh water and places to hide in inclement weather. A couple of friendly, chatty Racoons and a sweet natured Possum completes my nocturnal family.

    Again, thank you for your unexpected, but gratefully received largesse.


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  2. rubinov1970

    rubinov1970 New Member

    Could someone explain this process to me? And what is Skrill? And is "BTC" Bitcoin?

    Thank you for your quick reply in my inbox. I greatly appreciate it. I will see if I can create a Skrill account tonight, and sign up to send the payment. Is the course downloadable? How does it work?

    Much appreciated,

    Alright, I created the Skrill account and just loaded up the money. Now I need to send it to the right place. How does this work exactly? Do I get a confirmation email? Thank you in advance for explaining this to me. I've never worked with this company before. :)

    Alright, I think that went through. Can someone confirm that? Thanks! :)
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  3. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Your payment approved. Wellcome to club!

    (sorry for my long respond)
  4. Danny R

    Danny R New Member

    Hi, where can I send my paypal payment to? Thanks :)
  5. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    My apologize. We have problem with PayPal for now, but btc/skrill work well.
    We can try payment by credit card if u want :)
  6. Danny R

    Danny R New Member

    Cool, can you please send me a credit card payment link? Thanks! :)
  7. Michael Moton

    Michael Moton New Member

    Greetings everybody... my name is Michael, and I’m new here..

    I was just wondering if this group buy is still active??

    If so, I would like to take part in it.

    Please let me know.

  8. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Glad to see you in our GB-family!
    Yes, this thread is active and this is an instant GB - you just need to join and make a payment, then we`ll approve you in 24h and you`ll get a product.
  9. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Sorry still have a problems.
    Please pay be SKRILL or BTC.
  10. Michael Moton

    Michael Moton New Member

    Ok... I’ll get on that..
  11. Michael Moton

    Michael Moton New Member

    Payment through Skrill has been sent...
  12. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    Thanks for the payment.
  13. Kunle Ajayi

    Kunle Ajayi New Member

    Sign up as a premium member

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