[INSTANT GB] Passive Pinterest Profits - Set and Forget Pinterest Passive Income!

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  1. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer


    Passive Pinterest Profits - Set and Forget Pinterest Passive Income!

    Passive Pinterest Profits
    • Course 1: The Foundation ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest The Basics and Demographics
      • Image and description examples
      • Pinterest Terms of Service and Mood Board Competitions
      • Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
    • Course 2: Monetization ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest and Affiliate Links
      • Pinterest and Clickbank
    • Course 3: Pinterest for Business ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest Business Aspects to Consider
      • Pinterest Analytics
      • Pinterest Ads
    • Course 4: Advanced Tactics ($297.00 Value)
      • Analyzing The Most Followed Pinner
      • Combining Two Images Into One Vertical Image
      • Examples of Passive Pinterest Links In Search Results
      • Pinterest and Videos
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  2. anonymous

    anonymous New Member

    is this directly from vendor or some wso sharing site ?
  3. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    It's group buy on groupbuy
  4. freelancer

    freelancer New Member

    Ah, that's why we have nice price? ^^
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  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    How can I get it?
  6. Yahoo

    Yahoo Well-Known Member Organizer

    u need to join to GB firstly. And w8 more ppl i think, cuz price still expensive(
  7. freelancer

    freelancer New Member

    Great material for great price!
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  8. Vinh Do

    Vinh Do New Member

    I have the group buy for this course. Great price. Thank you!
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  9. dorthy

    dorthy New Member

    I am interested. How to pay? Thanks
  10. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Join to GB for details
    (Big red button in topic head);)
  11. Teolita

    Teolita New Member

    Hi there, I am new and i was wondering Is this offer still available? Thanks
  12. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    Yes, this is an instant GB that means all you need is to push the red button "JOIN GB" and then you will get a link for payment. After that you will be approved and the course will come to your hands :)
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  13. lulubelle

    lulubelle New Member

    Thanks for making this available. I've made my payment. Can'r wait to get started with this.
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  14. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

  15. darkrosiepop

    darkrosiepop New Member

    Hi.. Is this GB still open?
  16. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Yes ;)
  17. Umut

    Umut New Member

    I cant make payment via paypal.

    This recipient accepts PayPal payments only through their website. To complete this payment, please go to their website and follow their instructions, or email the recipient for instructions.
    If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer service.
  18. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    we have problem with PayPal now, so if u can - pls do payment by skrill or BTC
  19. Ray Cunningham

    Ray Cunningham New Member

    Hello anybody,

    Sorry if I'm breaking any rules by placing this plea here but I can't seem to get any replies, so I'm obviously doing something very wrong. Desperately need to start bringing in an income, as my financial position is not good and I have four beautiful ex-feral cats to support.

    This is a repeat message of the one I send a few days ago but, so far, unanswered.
    Have added some further payment possibilities for you to consider.

    I would very much like to purchase a copy of Passive Pinterest Profits through my PayPal account. I understand the price is $5.30.

    Excuse my ignorance, but how does one complete the purchase of Passive Pinterest Profits?
    My PayPal information is my e-mail address raygc@pipeline.com Please send details how to pay the fee .

    Eager to study this course as soon as possible to augment my old age pension as I'm 85.

    I also have a bank debit card and a credit card, but am finding it impossible to find out how to purchase the product. Have sent this message thrice, so far, but with no answers. HELP!

    Look forward to hearing from someone.


    Ray Cunningham
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  20. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    We have approved it for free like a present for you from our team ;)
    Sorry for not answering for so long.
    Best wishes for you and your beautiful cats :)

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