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    Moolah - Facebook Growth Strategies Course by

    Rachel Miller has built Facebook Pages to over 1 MILLION LIKES and she'll show you how she did it!

    Rachel has created multiple Facebook fan pages including:

    QuirkyMomma (built to over 1+ million fans)

    OneCrazyHouse (built to over 500K in 18 months)

    CrazyCatLady (built to 51,304 in just four months - with $5 a day in ad spend)

    We will have 6 different modules with DIY actionable steps and easy-to-follow videos and checklists.

    The different sections will cover the following:

    How to Find and Attract Your Customer
    How to Set up Your Page for Success
    Types of Content and How to Foster Engagement
    The Plan to Bring Your Page from 0 to 50K fans, 50k to 100K and more.
    How to Fix a Page with Low Engagement
    How to Use Boost Ads for Organic Reach
    How to Run Like Ads and Get New Fans for Mere Pennies
    Ways to Monetize a Facebook Page
    Tour of Audience Insights and Your Power Editor
    How to Target - LOTS of Scenarios You can Copy

    This is a proven system that has been used to build fan bases, again and again.


    I don`t know wut the price will it be, but let`s see.
    Just JOIN!))

    SP here:

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    Hey guys, how long before we do this?
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    I think we need 2 more people to start, that would be good enough.
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    Ok. It's so cheap already. With 2 more it'll only be a dollar something. ; )
    Thanks. =D

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