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    Michael Breen
    Kickstart Your NLP

    Discover the counter-intuitive beliefs that top NLPers use to help them quickly diagnose problems and design solutions that stick

    Learn about the powerful influence of the ‘Event Driven Brain’ on your day-to-day emotions and responses (learn how get it to work for you)

    • Find out when it’s a good idea to use big pictures on your goals and aspirations AND when it’s NOT a good ideato use big pictures to get yourself to take action
    • What you MUST reactivate if you want to live a life in which you enjoy greater levels of success and rewardsevery-single-day, year-after-year…
    • Why you should never confuse Goals with Wants… (this is an important one)
    • Discover a mind-blowing realisation about your wants that had eluded you… yet is essential to your sense of happiness and satisfaction.
    • Discover Michael’s unique process for helping you figure out what you really want(works great with clients too)
    • The 3 step foolproof strategyto get more of the stuff you want today
    • How to use the Meta Model and Michael’s in-house tools to discover the REAL source that is driving so many of your choices
    • The 1 word Meta Model challenge that you can use with anyone to create insights over and over again
    • Apply Michael’s “Use your advantages” strategy so you can immediately feel more resourceful, capable and knowledgeable than you realise. (This strategy is used by top NLPers and injects you with confidence every time.)
    • Discover this life-expanding distinction about ‘procrastination’ that will amaze you… (once you really get this – it changes the way you think about procrastination forever)
    • Uncover the surprising trick-of-the-mind our brains fall for which cause people to suffer and feel stuck (but can also be used to make you feel confident, excited and get in to action!)

    BONUS # 1

    Breaking The Spell Of Words
    The Meta Model In 60 Minutes

    BONUS # 2

    NLP Techniques Demystified
    (Live Video Masterclass Training)

    BONUS # 3

    Live Kickstart Your NLP Q&A Recordings
    With Michael Breen

    BONUS # 4

    Language Lab:
    How To Become A Wizard With Language

    BONUS # 5

    Secrets Of Self-Mastery


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