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    Michael Breen
    High Performance Coaching

    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

    • Discover the one ‘weird’ practice that transforms how HPC interact with their clients and makes their form of coaching magnetic. This one thing caused Michael to double take when he first heard it being used but is consistent in the top performing coaches across the globe (and makes them rock-stars to their clients).
    • The #1 big secret to fast and successful transformation to being a High Performance Coach. Over the 3 decades Michael has been teaching and coaching he’s seen many good coaches fall flat because they were missing this one key mental filter and didn’t do this one simple thing. You’re going to learn how to do it here. And it’s going to transform how you interact with your clients. Guaranteed.
    • A dead certain way to become instantly more charismatic and magnetic to your friends, family and clients. Put this one simple strategy into practice and clients will feel a magnetic draw to you. Clients will stay longer with you. Prospects will be drawn to you. (‘nuff said)
    • Learn the six (simple to implement) key differences that high performing HPC do that regular coaches don’t. Michael’s high paying clients invested ridiculous sums of money to have Michael figure these six differences out.

    The benefits of tens of thousands of air miles, countless of hours of research and extensive live video interviews have been distilled into six profound differences that every world class coach does that regular coaches don’t. No more wondering which things really count – do these six right and take your coaching practice to a entirely different level.

    (Warning – operating at this level isn’t for wimps. It requires a standard of excellence that far suppresses what is taught on traditional coaching courses. Michael modeled coaching rock-stars. Pioneers and performance leaders of the field. Thankfully you can get the benefits of their tens of thousands of hours of combined high performance coaching for a minuscule fraction of the price.)

    • Find out why HPC is a radically different to traditional coaching, therapy and consultancy. When you follow the HPC “reality based approach” to coaching your clients, your guaranteed of making significant and meaningful progress in every session. Worrying about what to say disappears. Your coaching becomes intuitive and client centered rather than fixed and rigid ‘tick the boxes’ approach taught by many traditional coaching programs.

    Once you’ve got the mindset wired up, it’s time to…

    Discover The Skills & Secrets Of Super Coaches
    (And Take Your Coaching Skills To A Whole New Level)

    Inside the section you’ll:

    • Discover the 3 overlapping conversations that every coaching sessions has and why if you want to make big money as a HPC you will spend most of your time working on number 2. High performing coaches are not paid like everyone else. Sessions fees from high hundreds to tens of thousands (that’s right thousands) of dollars are real numbers Super Coaches are charging today. To be rewarded those kind of fees they don’t create value like everyone else. Neither will you, when you apply what is taught inside this course.



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