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    Michael Breen
    Coach Right

    Trend #1: Workplace Disruption
    Trend #2: Technology Disruption
    Trend #3: Business Leaders Started To Want Coaching
    (To Help Cope With Accelerating Changes & To Drive Organisational Performance)

    You’ll Learn:

    • The surprising truth about your feelings that clients don’t know that you can use to help them recover emotional choice fast…
    • How to train yourself to discover possibilities beyond where you have been so you can have a whole different life! (Track 2 – 7:00)
    • The amazing occult insight about money and how to liberate yourself from the idea that you can’t make the money you’d like. (Track 08 – 7:00)
    • Michael’s killer question to help you quickly discover a version of yourself that is more able and capable than the person you are being right now so you can create the life you want. (Track 07 – 00:08)
    • Great question for getting distance on yourself when you feel stuck.
    • Simple process and 3 brilliant questions Michael recommends you ask that enables you to let go of the past, eliminate incompletes in your life and frees you up to arrange your resources to get more of what you truly want. Works great with clients too! (Track 06)
    • Why paying attention to your past dreams and fantasies can unlock powerful states and resources you had long forgotten but can recover in a moment.
    • Why and how you should vet your dreams, and help your clients do the same, so you don’t fall in to the ‘danger’ of getting what you say you want – but it doesn’t make you happy (extremely common and yet most coaches don’t know how to do this).
    • What Michael regards as the real demonstration of your learning that he looks for in himself, his clients and encourages you to look for in yourself that moves you light years ahead of most coaches once you do it. (Track 15 -17:55)
    • The mind-blowing insight about reality that top coaches know, that once you embody will transform your attitude to problems, limitations and feelings of any lack. (Track 09 – 2:00)
    • The one pattern Michael uses with clients that you can apply right away on your dreams and goals so you enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment today and drop goals that don’t serve you.
    • Why there is no such thing as ‘clean language’ or ‘no influence coaching’ once you realise one fundamental insight about language that most coaches miss.
    • Why as a coach you don’t have to be the one who knows… and what Michael suggests you do instead.
    • 4 questions to unblock feelings of stuckness in yourself or others.
    • Why you always want to be retraining your perpetual filters if you want to excel year after year. (Track 2 – 11:45)
    • Discover what a coach really does (it’s much bigger than what you’ve likely thought before).
    • 3 strategies for dealing with all the negative programming that is holding you back and was programmed in to you (do this and your life becomes far easier). (Track 09 – 08:00)
    • The #1 thing you MUST do if you coach high performers that makes you look amazing.
    • The secret about the secret that most coaches don’t know! (Understand this and manifesting things become much easier…)
    • The “fantastic gift” Michael suggests you give to yourself that powerfully affects your clients. (Track 13 – 6:52)
    • Tips and tricks on how to self-coach yourself so you lead by example.
    • The Secret of people whose lives are continuously expanding and growing. (Track 16 – 19:20)
    • The attitude inspired from a hit Hollywood movie that when you embrace will transform your life
    • The one mental ‘trick’ Michael recommends every coach train themselves to… that eliminates fear/uncertainty/doubt when you don’t know what to do next. (Track 23 – 1:10)

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    Get A Grip On Coaching:
    Creating First Coaching Sessions
    That Rock & Convert

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    Value $297.00
    Business Building Secrets
    For Building A Successful Coaching Company

    Bonus #3: Value $297.00
    The One Strategy
    That Always Works To Build Your Business

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    Coaching Secrets
    How To Become A High Performance Coach In
    Demand With Clients



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