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MasterClass - Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking 2016

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MasterClass - Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking 2016 | 1.91 GB
When the legendary director Werner Herzog was 19, he stole a camera and made his first movie. 70 films and 50 awards later, Werner is teaching documentary and feature filmmaking. You'll learn storytelling, cinematography, locations, self-financing, documentary interview techniques, and how to bring your ideas to life. By the end, you'll make uncompromising films.

Watch, listen, and learn as Werner covers every aspect of filmmaking, from pre-production to distribution.

A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.

Lesson Plan
01 Introduction
Meet your new instructor, a self-taught filmmaker whos made films on all seven continents. Are you ready to become a soldier of cinema?
02 Teach Yourself Storytelling: Watch Films
Werner teaches you the importance of careful film analysis by deconstructing the opening scene of Viva Zapata, starring Marlon Brando.
03 Teach Yourself Storytelling: Read
If you want to master storytelling, dont just watch movies. Werner explains why reading is key to becoming a great filmmaker and shares passages from his mandatory reading list.
04 Writing a Scr
Forget the three-act screenwriting structure. Werner reveals how he draws on poetry and Beethoven to inspire scrs that capture his vision in words.
05 Financing First Films
You dont need millions to make a movie. With 10,000 and an extraordinary idea you can start the journey toward bringing your project to the screen.
06 Negotiation Skills
Film is an artbut its also a business. Werner shares his insights into the industry to help you learn how to protect your stories.
07 Locations
Jungles, oceans, and volcanic cratersWerner has shot movies in them all. Learn how to find spectacular locations and turn them into functional sets for your own films.
08 Leading The Platoon
When Christian Bale had to eat real maggots in Rescue Dawn, Werner offered to eat them first. Here, he explains the power of leading by example to inspire your cast and crew.
09 Set Rules
In filmmaking, if youre on time, youre late. Be professional: Organize your set to tell the story, not to impress anyone. Forget the directors chair, turn off your cell phone, and stay close to your actors.
10 Camera: Shooting Strategy
Keep it simple, focused, and efficientdont shoot coverage. Learn how to use one camera to make the best film possible.
11 Camera: Cinematography
Learn how to paint with light, work with cinematographers, and bring your vision to life with extraordinary images.
12 Camera: Techniques
Werner teaches basic rules of cinematographyand how to break themto maximize your creative vision.
13 Working With Actors: Creating the Character
Through casting, wardrobe, and behavioral ticks, Werner shares both the subtle and bold techniques for developing characters with your actors.
14 Working With Actors: On-Set
Werner breaks down how he directs actors on set and how to work with the best of the best, including Klaus Kinski.
15 Sound
Sound quality can make or break your film. Learn how to avoid lost footage and listen for the remarkable.
16 Music
Learn how to communicate the mood you want for your music and how to work with composers to create amazing, memorable scores.
17 Editing
Editing begins on the set. Werners methods are unique, and will give you a practical way to cut through the footage to make a beautiful film.
18 Invaded by Images Part 1
Inspiration can come from anywhere, but you have to know how to recognize itand seek it out. Learn where Werner got the ideas for many of his most famous films.
19 Invaded by Images Part 2
Amazing stories are often a combination of discoveries. Werner breaks down the genesis of Fitzcarraldo and the development of scenes in Stroszek.
20 Documentary: Making the Conversation
Werner discusses his techniques to crack a human being open. Learn how to make your subjects comfortable, identify with them, and capture their humanity.
21 Documentary: Eliciting Difficult Stories
Werner breaks down the need for narrative discipline and knowing the heart of men. Learn how to get to the heart of your subject and shape your story.
22 Documentary: Dealing with Human Beings
There are lines you should not cross. Learn from Werners experiences filming Grizzly Man and Into the Abyss, and how to get to the heart of your subject quickly.
23 Documentary: Truth in Nonfiction
Ditch the fly-on-the-wall approach to documentary filmmaking. Shape the ecstatic truth to tell a beautiful and brilliant story.
24 Career Strategy
Be one of the ruthless ones who burst onto the scene. Learn how to deal with rejection and take control of your career.
25 Life as a Filmmaker
The life of a filmmaker is fraught with doubt, rejection, and constant battles for survival. Learn how to survive in an impossible industry.
26 Postscr
Werner leaves you with the words of a medieval mystic and wishes you luck on your journey.