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MasterClass - Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography


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MasterClass - Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography | 17.3 GB
Push the limits of your photography
Jimmy Chin has built his career taking photos at the top of the world, earning him the cover of National Geographic and multiple awards. Now he’s taking you on location to teach you techniques for capturing breathtaking shots. Learn his different creative approaches for commercial shoots, editorial spreads, and passion projects. Gather the gear-and the perspective-to bring your photography to new heights.
Lesson Plan
01 - On Location: Climbing Photoshoot
02 - On Location: Portraits and Natural Light
03 - Capturing Your Passions
04 - Principles of Narrative: Concept, Research, and Pitch
05 - Principles of Narrative: The Shoot and the Edit
06 - Photo Studies: Shooting at the Top
07 - Commercial Work: Pitching and Working With Clients
08 - Commercial Case Study: Canon Shoot
09 - High-Stakes Photography
10 - Photo Studies: Creative Partnerships
11 - Building and Leading a Team
12 - Photo Studies: Mountain Architecture
13 - Editing
14 - Post-Processing: Conrad on the Wall
15 - Post-Processing: Portrait
16 - Gear: Cameras, Lenses, Power, and Storage
17 - Settings: Modes, ISO, Focus, and Depth of Field
18 - Career Advice: Building a Body of Work
19 - Becoming a Photographer: Jimmy's Story
20 - Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey