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MasterClass - Billy Collins Teaches Reading and Writing Poetry


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MasterClass - Billy Collins Teaches Reading and Writing Poetry | 3.35 GB
Let imagination lead the way
Known for his wit and wisdom, former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins is one of America's most beloved contemporary poets. In his MasterClass, Billy teaches you to appreciate the emotional pull of poetry. Learn his approach to exploring subjects, incorporating humor, and finding your voice. Discover the profound in the everyday, and let poetry lead you to the unexpected.

01 - Introduction: The Pleasure Poetry Gives Us
02 - Working With Form
03 - Discovering the Subject
05 - Writing Process
06 - Reading: Connecting With Poetry
07 - Discussion With Marie Howe: Emily Dickinson
08 - Discussion With Marie Howe: William Shakespeare
09 - Sound Pleasures
10 - Playing a Visible Game
11 - Turning a Poem
12 - Discussion With Marie Howe: "What the Living Do"
13 - Discussion With Marie Howe: "The Death of the Hat"
14 - Finding Your Voice: Influences
15 - Finding Your Voice: Creating a Persona
16 - Humor as a Serious Strategy
17 - Student Discussion: "My (Muslim) Father Seizes the Thing on My Nightstand" by Sarah Iqbal
18 - Student Discussion: "The Crash" by Paul Epland19 - Discussion With Marie Howe: Writing Poetry
20 - A Poet's Journey