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    $34.01 - it's group buy club with pay per post system.

    How it's work?
    1. Choose Thread or creat new with product what you need.
    2. Press "Join now" to join buyers list.
    3. Wait Fundraising step.
    4. Check PAYMENT INFO for payment details.
    5. Check "Delivery details" and Get a product!

    What does it mean "
    We have 4 steps in our GB cloub for each GB.
    -Recruitment- this step mean that GB just started and we LF members. On this step you can join in Member and Reserv list. Also you can left that list.
    -Fundraising- this step mean that GB members list locked. All members in GB have access to PAYMENT INFO. And must do transaction in 5 days.
    -Purchase and distribution- this step mean that all members send payment and coordinator share access to
    "Delivery details"(link to product + some info about)
    -Сompleted- end.

    Payment method?

    BTC, DASH, PayPal
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    How to buy WP QUADS Pro plugin
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    It's big red button

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