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  1. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator - it's Group Buy club.

    How it's work?
    1. Join GB in two clicks
    2. You will recived PM with payment details if not: just check Payment details in GB thread
    3. Follow instructions from "Payment info" section and do payment.

    4. All payments accept in manual mode so be patient. After your payment approved you will recived PM with download/product details. Or just check Delivery details in GB thread.

    5. Have problems, questions about product? Ask in main GB thread or use special forum.

    1. I see 2 lists "Members" and "Reserve" what the difference?
    When GB just started you can join in both of lists. On this step Organizer need to know how much ppl will pay. So when you join MAIN list - price per meber drop, if u want just reserve (if u not sure about your payment) price per member don't change.
    Also when GB done - you can join only in "Additional list".

    2. I have joined to GB but don't see Payment details!
    Check GB Step status. If it's have "Recruitment" don't worry, this is NEW GB and Organizer just wait for more ppl to start GB. Be patient.

    What does it mean "
    We have 4 steps in our GB cloub for each GB.
    -Recruitment- this step mean that GB just started and we looking for members. On this step you can join in Member and Reserv list. Also you can left that list.
    -Fundraising- this step mean that GB members list locked. All members in GB have access to PAYMENT INFO. And must do transaction in 5 days.
    -Purchase and distribution- this step mean that all members send payment and coordinator share access to
    "Delivery details"(link to product + some info about)
    -Сompleted- end.

    Ask me anything in PM

    Payment method?

    BTC, PayPal, Scrill
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  2. Raj

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    How to buy WP QUADS Pro plugin
  3. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    It's big red button
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    Do you have Michael Breen GroupBuy?

    I'm interested in joining these GB.
  5. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    We haven't live Michael Breen GB's, but you can start it ;)
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    how to buy advanced ads pro bundle and download... will update be available
  9. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    You need to push the big red button "JOIN GB" at the top of the thread. After you`ll join, you need to make a payment (payment details). After that the download link will be available for you.

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