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Help thread. How it's works?


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Smartple.biz - The #1 Group Buy (aka GB) club where you can find Templates&Themes, scripts, eBooks, WSO, courses for the best price.


How does it work?
1. Choose GB Thread or create a new one that you need.
2. Press "Sing up" to join the buyer's list.
3. Wait for the "Product payment" stage.
4. Check PAYMENT INFO for payment details.
5. Pay and wait some time for payment processing.
6. Check "Delivery details" and Get a product!

What does it mean "Step:/Purchase stage:"?
All GB has a life cycle. Contains 4 main stages:

-Recruitment a.k.a Set of purchase participants -
this step means that GB just started and we are looking for new members. At this stage very important to advertise GB thread to invite more members in. More members in GB = cheaper price for everyone. In this step, you can join in Primary and Additional lists.
Also, you can leave that lists.

-Fundraising a.k.a Product Payment - this step means that GB members list is locked and completed. All members in GB have access to PAYMENT DETAILS. And must do payments ASAP. In this step, Organizer collects money from participants and purchases a product.

-Purchase and distribution a.k.a Product distribution- this step means that all members send payments and Organizer shares access to
"Delivery details" (link to product + some info about).

-Сompleted a.k.a Closed - end.

What is the difference between "Primary list" and "Additional list"?
It's very simple: If you are strong sure about your purchase - join the Primary list. The price per member will be reduced.
If no or you joined GB after the Recruitment stage - join the Additional list. The price per member will NOT be reduced.

Payment method? How to pay?
Check our detailed guide "How to pay" - HERE.
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