[INSTANT GB] [GB] Passive Pinterest Profits - Set and Forget Pinterest Passive Income!

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  1. surfer

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    Passive Pinterest Profits - Set and Forget Pinterest Passive Income!

    Passive Pinterest Profits
    • Course 1: The Foundation ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest The Basics and Demographics
      • Image and description examples
      • Pinterest Terms of Service and Mood Board Competitions
      • Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
    • Course 2: Monetization ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest and Affiliate Links
      • Pinterest and Clickbank
    • Course 3: Pinterest for Business ($197.00 Value)
      • Pinterest Business Aspects to Consider
      • Pinterest Analytics
      • Pinterest Ads
    • Course 4: Advanced Tactics ($297.00 Value)
      • Analyzing The Most Followed Pinner
      • Combining Two Images Into One Vertical Image
      • Examples of Passive Pinterest Links In Search Results
      • Pinterest and Videos
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  2. anonymous

    anonymous New Member

    is this directly from vendor or some wso sharing site ?
  3. surfer

    surfer Moderator Staff Member Organizer

    It's group buy on groupbuy
  4. freelancer

    freelancer New Member

    Ah, that's why we have nice price? ^^
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  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    How can I get it?
  6. Yahoo

    Yahoo Well-Known Member Organizer

    u need to join to GB firstly. And w8 more ppl i think, cuz price still expensive(
  7. freelancer

    freelancer New Member

    Great material for great price!
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  8. Vinh Do

    Vinh Do New Member

    I have the group buy for this course. Great price. Thank you!
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  9. dorthy

    dorthy New Member

    I am interested. How to pay? Thanks
  10. admin

    admin J.R. Staff Member Administrator

    Join to GB for details
    (Big red button in topic head);)

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